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The past four years have been a very rewarding experience for me, and I am extremely grateful for them. SNG Fitness was opened to provide a healthy lifestyle learning environment for the youth of our community. I am forever grateful for your children who have become part of my family. 

Unfortunately, the gym will close due to recent health issues, which prevent me from providing your children with the level of attention they deserve.

My sincere thanks go out to each of you who have supported me and SNG over the past four years. I will continue to pray for you all.



SNG Fitness is a gym like no other! With classes for toddlers, kids, tweens, teens, and adults, SNG Fitness is the perfect place for the entire family! 


Using modern technology combined with fitness activities and fundamental skills, our learn by play curriculum emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

There is no doubt people often stop going to the gym due to a lack of time and motivation. Being a mom myself, my schedule is dominated by my daughter's activities, which inspired the idea of SNG Fitness.

Designed for today's busy families, our classes cater to toddlers, kids, tweens, teens, and mothers in one convenient location!  From creative learning playdates to various holiday camps, our classes are taught by certified instructors in a small, family-like environment.

Visit our CURRENT CLASSES tab for class descriptions and enrollment details.


  • We offer affordable structured playdates for children ages 2-4yrs old?

  • It is possible to work out and without leaving your kids in daycare? 

  • October 3rd we are starting an 8week total body bootcamp you can do with your  pre-teen/teenager?

  • It is possible for your pre-teen/teen to exercise without restriction with a gym membership?


Interested in details, shoot us a text or chat HERE

We worry about what a child will become tomorow,

yet we forget that he is someone today...

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