Recent studies have shown that kids learn better in an active and fun environment.  Through play, children develop physical, social and intellectual skills, which enhance their early development.

Along with academic milestones, physical milestones play a crucial role in early childhood development.  There is increasing evidence that children who exercise tend to have better attention spans, fewer behavioral issues, and greater self-confidence; however physical development is rarely emphasized in most early learning programs. Reconizing this as a problem, we've decided to create a solution... Fit-2-Learn. 

Utilizing our extensive knowledge in youth fitness and early education instructors, Fit-2-Learn combines fine motor skills with physical development ensuring your preschooler is well-balanced. The unique aspect of our curriculum is the inclusion of physical education. Children participate in a fun, action-packed fitness class where they learn strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance.  You won't find another program like this!

With Fit-2-Learn, children learn cognitive, social, and physical skills needed to thrive in kindergarten.  Our small group setting is designed to connect with a child's eagerness to learn, while providing a nurturing and play-encouraged environment.

In Fit-2-Learn, you will see your kids grow physically and mentally as they reach new milestones, all while having fun!


Did You Know?

  • Gross motor skills lay the foundation for fine motor skills?

  • Movement stimulates learning and improves concentration?

  • The development of small muscles is a prerequisite for learning to write?

  • Regular participation in physical activity has been linked to improved acedemic performance and memory retention?

Class Details Include

  • Child must turn 3yrs / 4yrs old before Sept 30, 2022

  • Child must be fully potty trained

  • Monthly tuition $205

  • You must submit child's birth certificate, current shot records, and $150 enrollment fee at the time of enrollment

  • Meet your teacher & turn in supplies TBA 

  • Classes begin Septeber 6th