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We provide quality educational experiences while helping grow happy, healthy, successful kids.  We work in partnership with schools and parents to bring engaging classes that focus on a mix of physical activity, education, and teamwork.  If you are looking to get your kids moving in their school, you have landed in the right spot!

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We deliver on our promises and strive to meet and exceed expectations, creating the best programs, taught by the best people and delivered in the best places.

Leading With Our Faith

Our faith based core values are at the center of everything we do.

Energy & Enthusiam

We engage the kids with joy and excitement in every class, and our energy fills the school. We make growing up fun!

Balancing Work & Play

Luckily, our work IS play. So this one is pretty easy for us!

Teaming Up For Our Kids

We aim to partner with schools and parents to reach our common goal: happy, healthy, and successful kids.



Proudly serving Livingston & Ascension Parishes. 

For additional information or to request a school proposal, simply click the link above. 

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