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Ping Pong

Is your athlete interested in cheer but not sure if they're ready to commit? Perhaps your athlete is just starting out and you don't know where to start? Our FUNdamentals program is designed for children like yours.

FUNdamentals is a 3 tier program based on progressions. Each tier consist of a 12 week course and as athletes master course skills they progress through the program.

During this class, athletes will:

  • Increase flexibility through stretching skills, learn motions, jumps, stunting skills, and choreography counts.

  • Athletes gain confidence while engaging in activities that encourage both growth and fun.

  • At the end of the course athletes perform a short, pressure-free, choreographed routine showcasing their new skills family and friends.

FUNdamentals provides our athlets a taste of ALL STAR cheer with a short term commitment; allowing you the opportunity to decide if ALL STAR cheer is right for you!

Ages 6+

Classes Monday's 4:50pm

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