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Ping Pong

As a mom, I know first hand the struggles of balancing being a wife, mom, and small business owner while managing self-care, and fitness routines. Understanding how valuable time is, and how important my own family is, Stretch-N-Grow Fitness provides mom's the opportunity to exercise while children participate in their own classes. Affordable fitness for the whole family.

The Fitness-4-Mom community is designed for moms looking for support and accountability from like-minded individuals. In Fitness-4-Mom, we don't believe in drastic, unrealistic weight loss measures, but rather in building relationships and being accountable as women and moms.

Exercises are created by a mom for moms, regardless of whether you're a beginner, exercise occasionally, or simply looking for a change. Group fitness classes meet Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday mornings during Let Them Play so moms can exercise with the peace of mind knowing their children are in good hands.

Can't make a morning class, then check out ReBoot! ReBoot is an 8 week total body bootcamp consisting of a series of strength training/cardio circuits completed at your own pace. It;s a bootcamp-style atmosphere that holds you accountable, while allowing you the to complete the circuits at your own pace. You can join with a friend or even your teenager and start becoming a healthier version of yourself in just a few short weeks.

Group classes meet Tuesday-Thursday 9:00-10:00am and should be purchased in advance.

Pay-by-class: $10.00 each

Purchase (3) classes: $22.50

Purchase (12) classes: $80.00

ReBoot meets each Tuesday/Thursday at 6:00pm for 8 weeks starting October 3rd. Enroll alone for $75.00 or

with someone for $125.00. Must be 12yrs old to complete ReBoot camp.

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